Supa-Lopes Premium Grade Shipping Envelopes

  • Available in white or red backing
  • A range of printed messages or plain/unprinted
  • Available in a range of sizes

Standard sizes, prints and colours available:

Standard prints are black & yellow

PPC Code Standard Sizes Colour Message Box Qty
S2INV 150mm x 115mm White Invoice Enclosed 1,000 lopes
S2DOCS 150mm x 115mm White Documents Enclosed 1,000 lopes
S2PS 150mm x 115mm White Packing Slip Enclosed 1,000 lopes
S2PLAIN 150mm x 115mm White Unprinted 1,000 lopes
INVB 115mm x 165mm Red Invoice Enclosed 1,000 lopes
DOCSB 115mm x 165mm Red Documents Enclosed 1,000 lopes
PLAIN 115mm x 165mm Red Unprinted 1,000 lopes
S2X2INV 150mm x 230mm White Invoice Enclosed 500 lopes
S2X2PLAIN 150mm x 230mm White Unprinted 500 lopes
INV9X6 165mm x 230mm Red Invoice Enclosed 1,000 lopes
DOCS9X6 165mm x 230mm Red Documents Enclosed 1,000 lopes
PLAIN9X6 165mm x 230mm Red Unprinted 1,000 lopes


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