Manufacturing in Australia Since 1970

Australian Manufacturing Services

Our 50 years manufacturing experience has seen us develop a wide range of products for the industrial, construction and packaging markets. Many of our products are sought after by name and carry with them the prestige and expectation of unrivalled performance and reliability.

These are some of the services we offer, with R&D and manufacturing services based in Western Sydney. Our team is here to help and would welcome the opportunity to assist you with your particular requirements.

Custom Printing

Our printing facilities offer reel to reel printing for custom tubing and sheets to a maximum width of 200mm and up to 4 colours. Competitive services for small runs from 500m and up to 100,000m.

We also offer custom printing and personalised messages on our range of self-adhesive envelopes and self-adhesive labels.

*Minimum quantities and once-off artwork fees may apply.


Custom Tape Slitting

Our facilities allow us to offer custom slitting solutions for adhesive tapes and materials. We can produce custom width material to suit both small and large scale requirements.

Adhesive Hotmelt

Using the latest HM technology and raw materials we can coat a range of hotmelt adhesives to most substrates and up to a maximum coating width of 750mm wide. Our high holding power hotmelt formulas are developed in our in-house research laboratory and can be applied to single-sided or double-sided substrates. We also provide the glassine silicone paper to use with your substrate.