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9300 Series 'Linerless' White Firm PE Foam Tape

  • Anti-noise tape for Poly-Carb Roofing
  • Self wound adhesive tape made without liner paper to remove
  • Excellent moisture and vapour seal at 15% compression

Standard sizes available:

PPC Code Standard Dimensions Carton Quantity
WF-9303-12/20 3mm x 12mm x 20m 30 rolls
WF-9303-18/20 3mm x 18mm x 20m 20 rolls
WF-9303-24/20 3mm x 24mm x 20m 15 rolls
WF-9303-36/20 3mm x 36mm x 20m 10 rolls
WF-9303-48/20 3mm x 48mm x 20m 7 rolls


Also available in a wide range of custom sizes

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