4400 Series Black Soft PE Foam Tape

  • Completely seals out light, air, moisture and dust when compressed at least 15%
  • Very good resistance to wide range of chemicals
  • Maintaining effective bond through a wide temperature range
  • Can be die-cut
  • Available in a wide range of thicknesses and widths

Standard sizes available:

PPC Code Standard Dimensions Carton Quantity
WF-4405-12/15 5mm x 12mm x 15m 30 rolls
WF-4405-18/25 5mm x 18mm x 15m 20 rolls
WF-4405-24/25 5mm x 24mm x 15m 15 rolls
WF-4405-36/25 5mm x 36mm x 15m 10 rolls
WF-4405-48/25 5mm x 48mm x 15m 7 rolls
WF-4405-LOG 5mm x 1,000mm untrimmed x 15m 1 roll


PPC Code Standard Dimensions Carton Quantity
WF-4410-12/10 10mm x 12mm x 10m 30 rolls
WF-4410-18/10 10mm x 18mm x 10m 20 rolls
WF-4410-24/10 10mm x 24mm x 10m 15 rolls
WF-4410-36/10 10mm x 36mm x 10m 10 rolls
WF-4410-48/10 10mm x 48mm x 10m 7 rolls
WF-4410-LOG 10mm x 1,000mm untrimmed x 10m 1 roll


Also available in a wide range of custom sizes

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