9800 Butyl Foil Flashing Tape

  • High Tack Butyl adhesive
  • Self-adhesive flashing tape for a wide range of building applications

Standard sizes & colours available:

PPC Code Standard Widths Carton Quantity
WF-9802-24/10 1.00mm x 24mm x 10m 48 rolls
WF-9802-36/10 1.00mm x 36mm x 10m 32 rolls
WF-9802-48/10 1.00mm x 48mm x 10m 24 rolls
WF-9802-72/10 1.00mm x 72mm x 10m 16 rolls
WF-9802-96/10 1.00mm x 96mm x 10m 12 rolls
WF-9802-144/10 1.00mm x 144mm x 10m 8 rolls
WF-9802-LOG 1.00mm x 1,000mm x 10m 1 roll


Also available in a wide range of custom sizes

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