Cloth Tape

single word only
PCode - 409

409 Cloth Tape

PE Coated Cloth Tape

  • Quality grade polyethylene coated cloth tapes
  • Bookbinding, wrapping air ducts, sealing, packaging, colour coding
  • Sandblasting masking
  • Black, Silver now also Green, Blue or Red
Precision Paper Services
SizeRolls per carton
24mm x 25M48
36mm x 25M32
48mm x 25M24
48mm x 25M - Only for Black & Silver30
72mm x 25M16


PCode - 334

334 Cloth Tape

Double Sided Cloth Tape

  • Bleached cotton cloth. Mainly use for laying carpet, Linoleum and carpet tiles
  • For mounting in the printing and engraving industry
  • Heavy duty applications
Precision Paper Services
SizeRolls per carton
18mm x 23M48
24mm x 23M36
36mm x 23M24
48mm x 23M20

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